Educator Professional Development Sessions 

In partnership with the UCO College of Education and Professional Studies Program, the Black Male Summit will provide two, Educator Professional Development Sessions for counselors/principals and pre-urban educators to attend. These development sessions will equip current and future educators with the knowledge, skills, practices and care needed to support African American male high school students. 

Educators will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the culture, context and history of African American males and how to create environments for student success

  • Become equipped with the tools needed to elevate student performance and establishing a growth mindset

  • Gain tools for self-care needed to sustain educators working in urban environments.

  • Receive information about community agencies.

ONLY Counselors, principals and/or high school representatives that accompany students and have been contacted by our admissions counselor, LaTasha Giddings, will be able to attend, as well as UCO students that are currently in the Urban Teacher Prep Academy (UTPA).  UTPA students will register as a college student and counselors will be registered through high school registration (click on registration tab for details).