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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? All our Forge programs are casual events. The New Broncho Orientation Leaders will be wearing UCO tshirts, shorts and comfortable shoes. Please do not wear skirts or heels because we move around a lot at all the FORGE programs. What you shouldn't wear is a shirt from any other school. You are a BRONCHO now- show your pride!  This goes for family members, as well.

Do I need to bring anything? It depends which Orientation program you are attending. With Forge, you will be staying overnight so clothing, toiletries, and bedding are needed. If you are attending Forge Service or Adventure, we will send you a packing list. If Forge Transition or Diversity, just you and any questions you have. For all programs though, make sure you have a state issued ID with you. 

Which program is right for me? All incoming students have an Orientation hold on their account. For Freshmen, if you do not attend Forge, you will not be able to enroll until August. Remember a freshman is someone who has not attended another institution of higher education.

If you are a non-traditional student (adults, veterans, and student parents), you can choose to attend Forge or Forge Transition.

When do I pay my Forge charge? All New Broncho Orientation charges are charged to your bursar account. We do not take cash, check or credit card in person for these programs. All charges are non-refundable and are due with Fall tuition and fees. If you qualify for federal aid (via FAFSA), your orientation fee can be covered if funding remains after tuition and fees.

How do I change my Forge session? This is easy! You must call (405-974-2363) or email (orientation@uco.edu) with your name, student ID, current session, and new session preference no later than 1 week PRIOR to your scheduled program, is space is available.

Who can come with me to my Orientation experience? With the Forge program, your charge of $149 includes 1 family member or guest! This means anyone you would like to bring to help you navigate the transition; generally students choose to bring a family member with them to receive more information. Additional family members can be added for a fee. Family member and guests have specialized tracks different from their students. All family members/guests are responsible for their own housing accommodations. We will provide a list of local hotels via email and on our website soon.

What does my Forge charge cover? Your Forge charge covers your registration, registration for one guest, three meals for you, one meal for your guest, one parking pass for both days, and your overnight accommodations. Your guests will need to make their own housing accommodations off campus. You do not have to spend the night on campus, however you must be at Orientation, in its entirety on both days in order to register on the second day. In addition, the Forge fee is the same if you spend the night or not, so mine as well stay and get the full orientation experience!

Should I see an advisor prior to attending Forge? No. Students can wait until Forge to see an academic advisors. All students coming to Forge will see an advisor during the day, so even if you’ve already seen one or know which classes you’d like to take, you’ll have the opportunity to review that information again. 

What if I want to change my schedule after Forge? Students are able to change their schedule after Forge with a few exceptions and cautions! Many students will take classes that are in cohorts (Project Persist, Black Male Initiative, and Learning Communities students), and dropping these classes could impact your ability to stay in the cohort. Additionally, students seeking to change courses should speak with an advisor before doing so. Many classes are recommended based on your interest in major but some may be required or a part of a sequence – falling out of sequence or skipping a class in your first semester may impact you down the road. If you’d like to change courses, please email advisement@uco.edu with your student ID number and an advisor will be able to answer your questions. 

Do I need to take a CPT (Computerized Placement Test) prior to attending Forge? This depends! Students who earned below a 19 on their Math, Reading, or English subscore on the ACT will need to take a CPT prior to attending Forge. If this applies to you, you should also receive a notification via email. You may sign up for a CPT at uco.edu/testing and click “Register” on the left side. If you are not in the local area, Testing Services can recommend areas closer to you for CPT examination. You can email testingservices@uco.edu or call 405-974-2388 to find a testing location. If you have new ACT scores or concurrent coursework which should waive your need to take a CPT, please submit these to Undergraduate Admissions at OneStop@uco.edu or call 405-974-2727.

How do I sign-up for on-campus housing? Housing applications are available via UCONNECT (uconnect.uco.edu) by clicking on the “Campus Services” tab. You can access the application via the “myHousing Portal.” Applications for housing are open in April. Additionally, students can look for Living Learning Communities (LLCs). More information on housing options, how to apply, and LLCs is available at uco.edu/housing.

How do I get a meal plan? On-campus residents can choose their meal plan when signing up for housing. Commuter students can go in-person to the Housing & Dining Office, email housing@uco.edu, or call 405-974-2746. To learn more about meal plan options for residents and commuter students, please visit dineoncampus.com/uco.

How do I get a parking permit? All students bringing a car to campus must register and display a parking permit. Permits can be purchased online at uco.edu/parking by clicking “Manage My Account.” You must register for a permit prior to picking one up. Generally, you can register for your permit beginning in July; permits are valid August thru July.

How do I pay for college? Well, this is a big question! We encourage all students to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) whether they think they qualify for aid or not. This will help our office of Student Financial Services assist you. Students will see their FAFSA results (loans, Pell Grants, and/or Work Study) their UCONNECT account on the “My Finances” tab. After completing a FAFSA, Student Financial Services can meet with you to review your records, amend your records, and help you understand your options.

Tuition is always due the Friday before classes begin. You can pay online via UCONNECT (My Finances tab) or in person at the Bursar window. The Bursar window accepts cash, check, or debit cards (you must have a pin number for your card to pay in person). Note: if you are using a debit card to pay online, a surcharge fee will be added as if it were a credit card – so if you’re paying with debit, it is best to pay in person to save yourself some money!

UCO currently does not have payment plan options. Students who are unable to pay in full will have a one-time per semester fee assess to their account and will be charged interest. Students much have their balance below $500 to enroll in classes for the next semester.

If you haven’t enrolled yet and would like an idea of the cost of attending UCO, try the tuition estimation calculator by clicking here. Once you have enrolled, you will see your tuition post in UCONNECT. Question for the Bursar or Student Financial Services can be directed to our OneStop Call Center: 405-974-2727. 

What is Forge Online, and should I do it? Forge Online is an asynchronous (you do it on your own time, on your own schedule) web-based version of the orientation aspects of Forge and Forge Transition. Transfer students who wish to see an advisor on their own time may complete Forge Online at any time. Freshmen are required to attend Forge. If you do not attendForge or all of the sessions have past, you may complete Forge Online, schedule an advising appointment, and enroll on your own. Note: this generally means you are not enrolling until August! Students who chose to forego attending Forge and opt for this route will have a much harder time getting their ideal class schedule. The earlier you are able to attend Forge, the better!

Is orientation required? Yes. All newly admitted students to UCO will have 2 holds placed on their account – one for Orientation and one for Academic Advisement. For freshmen, Forge is the program designed to help you transition to college and remove both of these holds. For transfer and non-traditional students, Forge Transition allows you complete both requirements in a one-stop visit to UCO; alternately, you may complete Forge Online AND see an advisor on your own.

I am a recent high school graduate with credit via AP or concurrent work. Do I have to attend Forge? Yes. If you have credit for AP exams or concurrent work, you may know your way around campus, but Forge is designed to help all new freshmen begin with the same base knowledge about UCO. Often, students who take concurrent coursework may know what to expect of a college classroom, but not of college life. Forge will help you more successfully make the transition to Central.

I earned credit via AP exams or concurrent work. How do I make sure UCO knows about this? AP exam scores and concurrent work will need to be submitted to UCO. You can email or call our OneStop Call Center (onestop@uco.edu or 405-974-2727) to submit transcripts. Often times, colleges can submit transcripts directly to one another. If this is that case, they may send documentation to:

University of Central Oklahoma
100 N. University Dr., Box 151
Edmond, OK 73034