Recommendation Letters and Referrals

Many organizations look to their alumni/ae for referrals when searching for potential new members.  Recommendation letters or referral forms can be used to introduce a potential new member to the chapter. While they are not required, some potential new members like to ask alumni/ae to write them a letter while others like to introduce their chapter to the potential new member personally.

Each inter/national organization has a form on which the recommendation is to be completed. The links below will provide information about each chapter's recommendation process.

Steps to writing a recommendation or referral:

  1. A potential new member may tell you they are going through recruitment and ask you to write a recommendation for them.  Others may simply share that they're attending a college/university.
  2. Request that the potential new member provide you with a resume, photo, and official transcript(s).  These documents will provide useful and up-to-date information!
  3. Click the link above to see the process for the organizations at UCO.

Where to send recommendation letters:

  1. Recommendation letters may be sent directly to the chapter or completed online.  The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life does not manage recommendation letters for any organization.  Any letters received will be forwarded to the appropriate individual(s).
  2. Recommendation letters may be sent any time prior to recruitment.  The most popular time to send recommendation letters is the end of July or beginning of August.