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Sometimes women are unable to participate in Formal Recruitment, but they still have the opportunity to join select groups through the Continuous Open Recruitment process. Continuous Open Recruitment allows women to join a sorority in the Greek community after Fall Formal Recruitment is complete or during the spring semester. This process is available from the time Fall Formal Recruitment finishes until early- to mid-April.  

Potential New Members will have the opportunity to visit with chapter members and partake in informal recruitment events at the chapters that are eligible for participation. After meeting with potential new members, the chapter will decide if they would like to extend a bid to a woman to join their chapter. If a bid is extended it is up to the Potential New Member whether or not she would like to join the chapter. Chapters are eligible to participate in Continuous Open Recruitment if they have spots available and are not at campus total.

To get involved in Continuous Open Recruitment, women should complete an application. This information will be forwarded to the chapters that are eligible to participate in Continuous Open Recruitment. Chapters will use this information to contact women and invite them to participate in events.

Please Note: Women participating in Continuous Open Recruitment may not receive a response from all the chapters on campus because some chapters may have already attained chapter total. In addition, Panhellenic does not guarantee that women participating in Continuous Open Recruitment will be contacted by any or all chapters participating in Continuous Open Recruitment.

Need more information? For answers to common questions and more in-depth information about sorority recruitment, visit our Sorority FAQs page.

Don't miss out on being Greek because you couldn't participate in Formal Recruitment. Apply for Continuous Open Recruitment today!

For more information, please contact the Greek Life office at (405) 974-2580 or

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