Parent Programs at the University of Central Oklahoma

Broncho Family Programs Events

The Office of Broncho Family Programs hosts three main events for our Broncho family members:

 FORGE Family

This orientation is for family members of our incoming freshmen. Forge Family takes place in conjunction with Forge in the summer. Please click the link on the left for more information.

Broncho Family Weekend

A weekend where we invite parents and families to come to the campus for a tailgate, football game, and brunch. Broncho Family Weekend will be held Sept. 21-23. Tickets sales for Broncho Family Weekend have closed at this time.

Care Packages

During the first week of school and the Fall and Spring semesters, you can have a care package available for your student. The care packages include candy, chips, cookies, drinks and other delicious snacks. The care packages also include UCO specific goodies. In the past, we have included UCO lanyards, car chargers, bumper stickers and key-chains. Care packages can be purchased by clicking here!

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