Master Plan for Information Technology 2011-2015


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The Information Technology division at the University of Central Oklahoma will be recognized as a first-rate organization that empowers, connects, enhances, and assists the overarching mission and needs of the university community by leveraging technology and industry best practices in support of the Central Six Tenets for a Transformative Learning Environment. We provide services in an open, communicative, collaborative and unifying culture. Information technology at the University of Central Oklahoma is provided in a secure, integrated, and efficient environment.


The division of Information Technology provides quality, effective and appropriate technology infrastructure, applications, and services in support of the university mission and empowers units with technology to achieve their goals.


Overarching goals were derived from themes based on the forums in which students, faculty, and staff shared their hopes and dreams for their UCO future, their technology needs, and their challenges or concerns.

Goal I: OIT enhances learning, teaching, research, and service activities by providing and supporting innovative technology solutions and making relevant training opportunities available to faculty and students.

Goal II: OIT provides, enables, and supports anytime, anywhere access to information and services for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Goal III: OIT facilitates university effectiveness and efficiency by providing a robust infrastructure and anticipating future needs for emerging technology to support university growth, vitality, and relevance.

Goal IV: OIT will transform itself to become more fluid and transparent in order to address the dynamic nature of 21st century University that is dependent upon relevant and emerging technologies.