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Email Access

The primary types of email at UCO can be broken down into two groups of users: faculty and staff email (powered by Office 365) and student and alumni email (powered by Google.)

*Note: Faculty Emeritus are eligible to retain their email address with stipulations. Their email will be provided by Office 365, just as Faculty and Staff.

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UCO Student & Alumni Email

Student and alumni email is powered by Google and is the official communications messaging system. Central has partnered with Google to offer an email service, which includes email processing, spam filters and storage while still using the domain name.

The new Google-powered email system also allows for a larger mailbox capacity, allowing for more storage and larger attachment sizes, as well as provides a superior web-based mail system.

Guides & Resources

Student email FAQ - see answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

For further assistance, contact the Service Desk by phone at 974-2255, by email at or visit the first floor of the Max Chambers Library.

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UCO Faculty & Staff Email

Office 365 email is available to all UCO faculty and staff via the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, web mail at, and through mobile devices. Faculty and staff should log in using their normal computer login to access Office 365 email.

The total storage capacity per user for email is 50 GB.

Guides & Resources (Post-Migration to Office 365)

The following guides are available, but users who need further assistance may contact the Service Desk by phone at 974-2255, emailing or by visiting the first floor of the Max Chambers Library.

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Access to your email archives is now available anytime, anywhere!

With the transition to Office 365 in January of 2015, Faculty and Staff received expanded mailboxes to 50 GB. In June of 2015, email archives moved to the cloud as well. If you still have archives stored locally on your computer, we have prepared instructions for PC, and instructions for MAC, for you to move them to the cloud. This will allow you to search all of your email at any time and from anywhere. If you need additional assistance, contact the Service Desk at 405-974-2255 or by email to You may also visit the Walk-up Service Desk on the first floor in the Library.

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Disabling Outlook Archives

With the previous locally provided Exchange environment, users were limited to 300MB of email.  This meant, every few months they would get a message indicating their email was full. Users would then have to follow the process to archive their email manually or they would set it up to automatically archive.

With the recent project to move to Exchange Online through Microsoft Office 365, users have 50GB of storage which means it is much less likely that they will need to archive their email. The benefit to not archiving email is that that email will be available no matter what computer is used for the Outlook client and through the OWA. Also, since many times the archive is stored on a local computer, if that computer crashes the archives could get lost. This secures the email in an online environment. 

Though the University is making this change to UCO Windows desktops, you may still need to set this manually.  Follow the instructions below to verify your archives are disabled:

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Email for Emeritus Faculty

The university approved the proposal from the Offices of Academic Affairs and Information Technology to allow Emeriti Faculty to retain their email account with stipulations.  Email is provided to Emeriti Faculty only in order for them to continue their academic endeavors in support of the university.  The following stipulations were defined as part of the service delivery:

  1. While separating from the University, an Emeritus Faculty member must request their email be continued.
  2. A copy of the RUSO resolution must be provided at the time of registration.
  3. Emeritus Faculty will sign and agree to all university policies, including password change policies and services associated with university email use.
  4. Failure to log in to the email accounts in any 90-day period will result in permanent cancellation of the account.   Following cancellation, the account will not be available for reactivation.
  5. Technical support for Emeriti Faculty will be limited to email services only and will not include personal device support. 

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