College of Education and Professional Studies iPad Academy 2013


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CEPS iPad academy participants working togetherThe iPad Academy for the College of Education and Professional Studies facilitates the need for integrating advancing technology into the classroom.   Full-time faculty are equipped with the most up-to-date tablets and receive hands-on training for operating the iPad’s various platforms.  Faculty not only acquire a working knowledge of Apps available for instructional use in the classroom, but are encouraged to utilize the technology in-class, share findings and directly inquire further information and receive assistance from Information Technology instructors.  

“The iPad will help me model behavioral data collection for our School Psychology students. The iPad, specific apps, and existing classroom technology allows students to see the data appear as it is being collected, while simultaneously watching a target participant. From the iPad I am able to project, in a side-by-side view, a video of the person being observed, and a data collection document as it is being completed. Providing this model of data collection allows the school psychology students to see data collection as it is happening, rather than relying on my description of data collection and their memory of the event. This should help our students master reliable data collection in a shorter amount of time.” –Dr. Scott Singleton (Psychology)

“ I learned was how to mirror with movies for my class.  I also found some very useful anatomy and biomechanics Apps that are free of cost.  The best thing I found was a biomechanics app from Brigham Young University (BYU) that let me adjust variables i.e. force height of release, and angle of release and these varying effects on a projectile.  With this particular App also lets me demonstrate rotational inertia and angular momentum.” -Dr. Paul House (Kinesiology & Health Studies)

technology trainer instructing on iPad use“The sessions were extremely professional and helpful. The best part is that I am using my new technology and App skills in my classroom almost every day! My students are almost as enthusiastic as I am, as I can organize what I need before class time begins then mirror  information on the screen for seamless presentations.  Using the technology also allows me the freedom to walk around the room as I present and for the discussions that follow… The camera feature allows me to take photos of my student teachers working with representatives from A+ Schools. I sent the photos to the students, and they were so excited to see their creativity in action!  I'm looking forward to working more with the photo and video capabilities in future class assignments. 

I have used my iPad for organizational opportunities as well, so I'm so appreciative of what all I can now do thanks to this wonderful opportunity.” –Dr. Lisa Lohnmann (Educational Sciences, Foundations and Research)