Lessons in Leadership 1:1 iPad Program


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i pad with leadership central homepageIn the course, Lessons in Leadership, integrating the iPad has enabled myself as an instructor to consistently deliver information, develop creative teaching and learning methods and encourage students to be dynamic and knowledgeable concerning technology and education. We use the iPad for several functions in our course. Each week we have guest speakers who are invited by the President to share their leadership stories to the students. Students are then required to blog each week concerning the topics presented by the guest speaker. The iPad serves as a technological tool that allows for consistency of delivering their message to the UCO blog site and for note taking purposes.

Students are also required to perform a service project and create a video to submit for credit with their iPads. The iMovie app serves as an excellent tool to complete this task and each group then possesses the same technology and services that every other group possesses that allows for seamless creation of the videos for submission.

Another important component related to this course is research and investigation. As an instructor, knowing that every student has the same tool to do perform class related research permits more intentional and direct requests of the students. There are no barriers to student’s pursuit of information – this creates the opportunity to set high standards for conversational items in class and discovery of knowledge related to course discussions.

Students, as expected, love the opportunity to use this technology in our course and possessing this technology carries over to their other coursework and their personal needs and development. Functions like the calendar, to do lists and other applications greatly increase their individual capacity to succeed and learn at UCO.

- Jarrett Jobe
Executive Director, Leadership Central

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