Elementary Math/Science Teaching Methods iPad Lab


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Technology Application Furthers Teaching and Learning Practices in the Classroom

student working on iPadUCO teacher education continues to develop effective teaching practices in teacher candidates, most recently via meaningful technology integration into lesson plans.  Drs. Darlinda Cassel and Dan Vincent, who teach Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom and Teaching Mathematics in the Intermediate Grades, are at the forefront of using iPads to bring a more meaningful, hands-on and enjoyable learning experience to the classroom.  As technology continues to be a beneficial tool in education, UCO teacher candidates have the advantage of utilizing Apple iPads in their field experiences.

students working with iPad

In one section of Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom, students facilitated science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-focused field experiences with students at Oklahoma Christian Academy.  UCO student-teachers utilized the iPad Application “Teslatown” to help their students better understand the functions of windmills and discuss types of energy, which allowed students to visualize and read about the various ways electrical energy is generated.

In upcoming classes, Cassel and Vincent and their students will have access to data collection devices, which connect wirelessly to the iPad via the SparkVue HD app. This will be used to collect real-time data during investigations into heat (using temperature sensors), motion/ energy (using a force sensor) and weather (using wind, temperature and humidity sensors). 

Additionally in other sections of math and sciences courses, the students use iPads to evaluate particular technology sites that they can use in the classroom and integrate the use of apps into teaching lessons.

Quote from Dr. Darlinda Cassel: “It’s fun for UCO students and for middle school children to use meaningful technology in the classroom.  When students are enjoying what they are doing, learning is more meaningful.”