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digital book readereBooks made a dramatic entrance into the world of digital content and became increasingly popular with the invent of the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and other eBook readers. eBooks, or books available in a digital format, have quickly come to replace traditional paper and ink books for the everyday reader and have even found their way into the educational arena as students look for digital solutions to the heavy and clunky traditional textbooks. eTextbooks have made great strides over the past few years, moving from mere text and images to providing increasingly rich content through interactive diagrams, instructional videos and more. eTextbooks provide flexibility for students allowing them to take their textbooks everywhere they go and providing the ability to study for multiple courses or cross-reference between multiple books without the strain of an overloaded backpack. To learn more about eTextbooks and their use, check out the following article:

Why eTextbooks? Student Attitudes towards eBooks 

Many instructors are taking full advantage of the digital format of these books by creating their own digital content through combining select chapters out of multiple books and supplementing those with additional material such as lecture notes and journal articles to create engaging course material covering topics that are new and relevant. eTextbooks can be created using a variety of formats and made available across multiple devices. Learn how to create your own eBook using iBooks, Nook Study or Kindle eTextbooks with the resources on the following pages.