Website Request Form

Are you looking to update your website or move it into the Web Content Management System? If the answer is yes, then you this is your first stop. Filling out this form will create a request to initiate your project.

Note: If  you are needing access to a website already managed within WCMS, please complete a WCMS Access Request Form.

Website Information

The descriptive name of the site may be as simple as the identity of the academic interest (i.e. Faculty Enhancement Center), the department name (i.e. Information Technology), or the student organization name (President's Leadership Council).

UCO website address will all follow a specific path, such as or the like, but you can request a more marketing friendly address such as These addresses are provided on an as available, as approved basis. It’s important to know this information going into the project, but it will require a separate ticket closer to project completion.

  Department or College
  Student Organization

For all UCO websites it is important to have a general or community webmaster email address. You may use a departmental email address such as or or you may want to customize for your website services. In this case, you may want to use an address such as If you do not have a general or community email account for this website, enter here what you would like for it to be and we will create a ticket for this account creation.

Admin / Manager Account Information

This will be the primary contact on the website. You can establish additional web managers during this project, but you will remain the contact for all things related to this website. You must be a full-time faculty or staff member of UCO.

Student Organizations

The sponsor is the primary contact for the website. However, you may be the project lead if this is for your organization. If this is the case, please complete the following information:

Additional Information and Comments