UCO Web Marketing

The Offices of University Communications and Information Technology review all information submitted but not all requests will be posted. If your submission is to be included, you will be contacted personally for notification and to obtain additional information as needed. Often submissions will be edited to fit the space available and context; all images must be professional photos. Photos will be supplied by University Communications and/or Photographic Services. In addition, please consider using other university communication avenues available such as Centralities (univrel@uco.edu), UCONNECT postings, Master Calendar, etc.   

Web Marketing Request

To submit items for promotional consideration on the University of Central Oklahoma home page, please fill out and submit this form.  Submissions are reviewed and approved collaboratively by the Office of Information Technology and the Office of University Communications in consideration with Central's current marketing efforts, and, as such, submission does not guarantee placement.

Requestor Information
Division / Department
Marketing Information
  Homepage Image and Link
  Social Networks
  • For Home Page, the image and short text will be linked only to other UCO websites. Text displayed is limited to approximately 250 characters, with spaces, including your heading. Provide a description of your desired imagery, marketing copy and web site address that you wish to link to in the text input area.
  • For Social Network Site Messages, the message should again be kept to a minimum — preferably less than 140 characters — however options are available depending on the message. Having marketing messages posted by the university to the university's social networking sites adds a level of credibility across social networking sites. You will be contacted for additional information regarding this request. Please remember that when communicating with the general public or students for official university business, the official university communication means must be utilized first; social networking is only an additional avenue for communications. Official university communication means include but are not limited to: Centralities, UCONNECT, UCO.edu email, Master Calendar, etc.