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UCO Blog Guidelines


Online communication tools such as blogs are recognized by UCO as valuable communication and interaction tools for use in creating community, interaction and facilitating feedback with students, staff, faculty, parents, the community and other UCO stakeholders. The purpose of this guideline is to ensure that this service remains available and reliable, and is used for purposes appropriate to the University's mission.


This guideline applies to all members of the UCO Community who are entitled to use the UCO Blogs services: faculty, staff and students, and other affiliated classes of individuals.

Acceptable Use

UCO Blogs services are currently provided as an online tool in support of marketing, community outreach, communication, academic enhancement and recruitment efforts at UCO.  UCO Blogs will not be created for personal purposes.

User Responsibilities

Use of blogs must be consistent with UCO's educational goals, as well as comply with the UCO Student Code of Conduct and/or Employee Handbook, as applicable. Content and use of a UCO Blog must adhere to the UCO Technology and Network Usage Policy.

Additionally, all UCO bloggers agree to abide and conduct themselves in accordance with the following:


No confidential information may be contained in a UCO Blog as per UCO's Disclaimer, Privacy, and Nondiscrimination Statement and the UCO Information Security Policy.

Service Definition


Management of Blogs

Blogs will include the following disclaimer:

Personal Content Notice

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed in this page are those of the author and not necessarily those of the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) or its officers and trustees. The content of this page has not been reviewed or approved by the University of Central Oklahoma and the author is solely responsible for its content. It is the policy of the University to abide by and follow federal and state laws. Outbound links, such as third party websites or personal pages of UCO's students, faculty and staff represent individual views and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or policies of the university. The University is not responsible for the content of these pages or any links that you may follow from this server beyond this point. The statements and communications of the bloggers on the University of Central Oklahoma website do not represent a statement of the university's official position or policy. University of Central Oklahoma Disclaimer, Privacy & Nondiscrimination Statement

Links included in this document:

University of Central Oklahoma Disclaimer, Privacy & Nondiscrimination Statement

UCO Information Security Policy

UCO Technology and Network Usage Policy 

UCO Student Code of Conduct

UCO Employee Handbook
Human Resources Documents web page

Broncho Blogs Online Form

Effective Date: 8/27/2009
Revised: 6/30/2010
Approved Date: 8/27/2009

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