Procedure to Request An Email Blast (mass email)

Step 1 - Requester creates an email to be sent and defines email recipients:

  • Write the copy for the body of the email message.
  • Provide the exact wording for the subject line of the email.
  • Include desired send date and time. However, this does not guarantee that the email will be sent at the requested time. The send date and time will be determined by the available queue and the Mass Email Policy.
  • Include desired delivery list (i.e., faculty, staff and students). If there is a small, specific group of recipients, a list of email addresses in Microsoft Excel may be attached.

Additional Details:

  • The email body should be html (comprised of text and images) or text only with links to further information. The email cannot contain only a single image from campus posters.  Read more information on email blast content.
  • All email blast images must be optimized for web viewing.  Read more on image optimization.
  • All email blasts must contain approved university branding.  Read more information about university branding.
  • All email blasts must meet accessibility requirements.  Read more on accessibility requirements.
  • All requests, including necessary content and approval,  must be sent to 48 hours (2 business days) in advance for email blast distribution if additional support services are requested.  Additional support services include but are not limited to:
    • Image Editing, Uploading
    • HTML Building, Coding
    • For assistance with images and html or building the email, please note the need for additional support in your request
  • If the approved request is submitted in the final format, html content with images uploaded and code prepared, the 48 hour advance submission does not apply.  IT support services will prepare the email blast as soon as possible.  Please note:  This may take up to 24 hours and scheduling will be dependent upon other previously scheduled email blasts and Vice President [or his/her designee with letter on file] approval.

Step 2 - Approvals Required:

  • The requesting party must obtain pre-approval of the appropriate Vice President or his/her designee with letter on file before submitting the request (including content and approval) to the Service Desk (  Read more information about pre-approval.
  • The Requester Must Approve A Preview: A preview is provided to the requester who reviews the email blast preview for content presentation, message intent, and final editorial review.  You will then need to respond to the IT Support Technician acknowledging whether or not the preview is satisfactory.  Read more information about final approval.
  • Following the approval, the resulting support ticket will create a chain of action to obtain Email Administrator approval.  IT Support will obtain Email Administrator approval, you will not need to take action to complete this. 

Step 3 - Email Distributed:

Following the multi-step review and approval process, the email blast will be distributed to the defined recipient list based on acceptable email blast sending policy in conjunction with requested send date and time.

Please see the official University of Central Oklahoma Mass Email Policy.

Revision History:

  • Effective July 2009
  • Revised April 2011
  • Revised June 2011
  • Revised July 2011
  • Revised October 2012
  • Revised January 2013
  • Revised April 2013
  • Revised May 2017