Mass Email Policy


The University of Central Oklahoma has the capability to select and distribute information to various stakeholders based on their roles as related to Central.  With this capability comes accountability. The UCO Office of Information Technology will make every attempt to remain abreast of Internet practices, in addition to legislation, regulations, and policies, which affect the university's ability to transfer data and to communicate via the Internet.

The university has multiple options available to it for distributing information to a wide audience.  These options include: 

  • Centralities, a daily news service for UCO faculty and staff [Centralities Guidelines]
  • Single message mass emails (email blasts)

Single message mass emails

The preferred method for University of Central Oklahoma communications are UCONNECT and Centralities, the university's daily news service.

For special, unique, or one-time announcements, mass email messages may be considered.

Requests for mass email messages must obtain appropriate Vice President approval. Requests are then routed to the UCO Service Desk for ticket request and then distribution. If the mass email method of delivery is not approved, University Relations may publish the communication in Centralities or distribute it as an UCONNECT announcement.


The purpose of a Mass email policy is to ensure successful distribution of the intended message.  The policy is designed to protect the university's ability to continue to use electronic resources as a means of communication while complying with regulations, and avoiding, to the extent possible, mail ending up in spam filters.


This policy applies to mass email messages or email blasts distributed by the Office of Information Technology to more than 500 university stakeholders.

This policy does not pertain to targeted emails for a specific instructional or administrative purpose unless it is being sent to more than 500 people.


  1. The content must be related to the university's mission. Mass emails are used for informational purposes and not for commercial or marketing and sales of individual items by university organizations.
  2. The requesting party must obtain approval of the appropriate Vice President or his/her designee with letter on file. 
  3. Mass email must be of credible interest to at least 1/3 of the recipients. 
  4. A request must be sent to in advance for email blast distribution, see procedure for recommended timelines.
  5. All email blasts must contain approved university branding.
  6. The Office of Information Technology,, will determine a specific time span for dissemination of the email based on the preferred date, time, and target population.
  7. will be included on the mailing distribution list.
  8. UCO users may not avoid the mass email policy by sending multiple versions of the same message to fewer than 500 recipients. 
  9. The 'from' email address must be on the list of approved email addresses.

For assistance in preparing an email blast, please see the Email Blast Procedure and/or contact the UCO Service Desk.

Revision History:

  • Effective August 2003
  • Revised August 2005
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