Enterprise CRM Implementation

The University of Central Oklahoma has selected Ellucian CRM Recruit as the Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management software. The goal of this software is to manage student communication and relationships throughout the student lifecycle. As an enterprise system, this software will be available for use by campus departments and divisions.

CRM Leadership Team

The purpose of the CRM Leadership Team is to provide policy creation and evaluation and to manage use of the Enterprise CRM system. This group will provide leadership for the usage and future direction of the CRM software to the campus community.


Ellucian CRM Recruit is slated to be implemented in phases, with Phase 1 beginning in January 2017 and going live July 2017. The implementation team will initially address Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Office of Global Affairs. Once these areas are operational, others will be implemented based on prioritization by the CRM Leadership Team.

CRM Timeline


During the implementation, areas of campus that will be using the CRM will be provided access to Ellucian’s On Demand Subscription Library (ODSL) for training. Ellucian and/or the CRM Administrator will also provide direct training at various phases of implementation. The dates and subjects of these trainings will be listed below when available.

If you are in an area that will be using the CRM and would like to get access to the ODSL training or other training information, please contact Kyle Brown (kbrown98@uco.edu)