Committee for University IT Project Prioritization (CUIT)

The university is a microcosm of a society that has come to expect robust technological tools and systems. Every facet of university life, whether academic or administrative, lies on the foundation of technology. Office of Information Technology staff wish to be as responsive as possible to requests for project management, technology support requests and program development. Reviewing the list of requests from the University community yields more than 200 requests on any given day.

Central's Office of Information Technology seeks to formalize the process of putting project requests into a priority order that best serves the needs of the university as a whole. While some division and some requests clearly are put into priority order prior to making a request to OIT, the number and diversity of requests are less well-known throughout the campus.

The purpose of the Committee for University IT Project Prioritization (CUIT) is to assist OIT in queuing the projects.  This will be accomplished by review and recommendation to university leadership.

Responsibilities of each committee member include:

  • Participate in at least 2/3 of the committee meetings. (Please note: sporadic, irregular attendance or non- participation may result in member being replaced on the committee.)
  • Serve for a length to be specified during creation of the committee and serve one-to-three years upon full committee development.
  • Receive training in the methodology used to review, evaluate, and score the merits of a project request.
  • Review, evaluate, and score Project Initiation Documents managed by the OIT Project Management Office.
  • Attend committee meetings in which potential projects are discussed and prioritized.
  • As a participating member of CUIT, recommend project priorities based on university needs rather than on individual opinions and requests.
  • Be an advocate for the process of selecting and recommending project priority orders.
  • Serve as a conduit of information between the committee and the body whom the member represents.

Committee Design and Membership

Committee membership shall comprise one member representing each President's Cabinet entity. Time-slots of one-, two-, or three-year appointments will be drawn at the first meeting. The second representative from each entity will begin serving three years.  This methodology will allow continuity while providing for refreshing committee membership.

Ideal members of CUIT have the ability to "see the big picture," understanding the strategic goals of the university and the entity which s/he represents.  Technology savvy is not a requirement of membership. Sound judgment and critical thinking are valued characteristics of participants. The committee is chaired by the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology who is responsible for the Project Management Office (PMO).  The chair is a non-voting member of the Committee.