Enterprise Content Management System Project 

The University of Central Oklahoma has implemented a new enterprise content management system (ECMS).  Use of an ECMS facilitates collaboration within departments and across different departments on campus.  The ECMS will optimize document management and business processes, enabling us to reduce redundancy and automate menial tasks.  This will allow us to work more quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity. Staff will be freed up to spend time on work that really matters. The ECMS will also help us to reduce paper waste and bridge different software applications used across campus, enabling us to better manage and protect records, and provide business continuity.  Phase I of the implementation began Fall 2011 semester with Enrollment Management (Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid), Purchasing and Employee Relations.   The Process Improvement team has been working with the ECMS Project managers and department team leaders to establish lean processes and prep each area for workflow creation in the ECMS. Project managers, administrators, Phase I department team leaders and trainers from the Training Resource Center (TRC) will receive intensive on-site training.  TRC trainers will then develop training for future department team leaders, in conjunction with the ECMS administrator, for implementation during Phase II and beyond.

Project Update - 10/29/2012

We will begin prioritizing projects for Phase II in the next few months.  If your department is interested, please visit the new ECMS Training Page to learn more about ECMS! 

Project Timeline (subject to change)

Nov 2010

RFP for ECMS was issued


Spring 2011

Selection and purchasing process for ECMS


Sept 2011

Signed contract with Hyland Software for the OnBase ECMS


Oct 2011-Nov 2011

ECMS Implementation, Phase I begins with the conversion from Singularity to OnBase and workflow discovery


Dec 2011

Onsite solution training for systems administrators and team leaders


Dec 2011-Jan 2012

Configuring and testing and Singularity to OnBase conversion


Jan 2012 OnBase Go Live for Document Imaging and Retrieval!  Singularity conversion complete.


Mar 2012

Go Live for Admissions workflow!


April 2012

Workflow testing for Registrar and Financial Aid


May 2012

Go Live for Financial Aid workflow!


Nov 2012 - ongoing

Identify other departments interested in implementing ECMS for Phase II


Dec 2012- Jan 2013

Go Live for Registrar and Purchasing workflows!  ECMS Implementation, Phase I complete!