Gmail FAQs

Gmail Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCO Student Email?

UCO Student Email is powered by Google and the official communications messaging system. Central has partnered with Google to offer an email service that includes email processing, spam filtering, and storage while still using the domain.

What do we gain from Google for our Student Email?

The new Google-powered student email system allows us to increase capacity (larger mailbox sizes, larger attachment sizes) and provide a superior web-based mail system.

Will my email address change?

No. All email addresses, follow the pattern; just as they do now.

Who do I call if I have problems with or questions about my email?

You can call the UCO Service Desk at 405-974-2255 or email

What is different?

The web-based user interface will have the same look and feel of Google's Gmail. This includes automatically combining messages into "conversations." Google provides more information in their conversations support guide.

Google also offers a feature they call "labels." Labels are similar to folders except that you can apply multiple labels to a conversation. For more information, please review Google's labels support guide.

Where do I go to access my email?

  1. You can access your email by clicking on the mail icon in UCONNECT. 
  2. You can go to
  3. You can access your email on your mobile device once it is configured to send and receive email for Instructions for mobile devices are available:
    1. iOS  Devices:

I'm already a Google Gmail user. Can I combine my existing Gmail account with my UCO Student Email?

All UCO Student email users will have a address. While you can forward either your personal Gmail account to your UCO address or vice versa, we recommend keeping personal and university-related emails separate.

How are filters applied to messages?

All filters are processed for each message. So, if you have two different filters that match a message, both filters will be processed unless one of the filters is set up to delete the message.

How do I label a message in my inbox with an existing label?

  1. Check the checkbox next to the message you want to label.
  2. Click on the More Actions pull-down menu above the inbox listing
  3. Choose the label you want applied.

(You can also apply a label to a message you are reading by performing steps 2 and 3.)

Are there Security and Privacy Issues? What happens with our email when it sits on Google's servers? Is Google reading my mail?

Google's (including its email's) most salient feature is its fantastic searching ability. Google makes all of its components (email, calendar, etc.) searchable by the end-user. In order to deliver this feature, Google scans all email and calendar data and indexes the information to make it searchable by the end-user and only the end-user. During the searching and indexing, Google accumulates aggregate, non-personal information in order to provide better services.

So, is my data private?

Yes, and no.

No email should ever be considered private; however:

For further reference, see

For a clearly worded explanation of Google's privacy and security policies, see

If my email, address book and calendar information is stored off-campus on Google's servers, who owns this data?

You do; this is still your data.

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