UCO Google Mail - Forwarding

*Note: The following instructions require you to be currently logged into your UCO Google Mail and have access to your forwarding email account.

1. Click on the Gear Icon by your email address in the upper right corner of your screen.

Mail Settings

2.  Click on "Mail Settings."

Mail Settings

3.  Now select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP."

Mail Forward

4.  Click on the button labeled "Add a forwarding address."

Add Forward

5.  Type the forwarding address for your UCO email and click "Next" to continue or "Cancel" to exit.

Forwarding Address

6.  Once you have entered the forwarding email address, a confirmation screen will appear. Select "Proceed" if the mail forward is correct. Select "Cancel" if the information is incorrect.

Confirm Address

7.  A notification screen will appear informing you that a confirmation code has been sent to verify permission.

Confirmation code sent

8.  Once you receive your confirmation code enter the code in the "confirmation code" field and click "Verify." If you did not receive a confirmation code, you may click "Re-send email" or the forwarding address may be removed by clicking "Remove address."

Verify code