Technology Maintenance Schedule at the University of Central Oklahoma

Maintenance Schedule

The Office of Information Technology strives to ensure that major systems are continually available for use with as little downtime as possible.  However, these systems require updates, upgrades, performance tuning, and various other changes in order to ensure their continued stability and security, as well as to maintain our vendor support.  Therefore, OIT schedules intervals on a monthly basis to perform general systems maintenance.  These intervals are approved by the Deans, Vice Presidents, and the President, typically months in advance.

Below is a list of currently approved maintenance windows, including dates and start/end times.  Any maintenance windows that have been proposed but not yet received approval are indicated as such.  If more information concerning any specific maintenance interval is desired, please contact the UCO Service Desk.

Please click the add to your calendar link to add all of the below dates and times to your Outlook or other calendar that accepts iCalendar files.  You will need to download and open this file to add it to your calendar.

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