Marketing Domain Purchases at the University of Central Oklahoma

Marketing Domain Purchases

Marketing domains, sometimes called vanity domains, are often used for marketing due to the ability to publish short, ‘catchy' web addresses in print and electronic mediums.    For example, a website's address may be and the marketing domain would be www.UCO'program'.com.   Marketing domains are not part of the domain; they are often .com, .info, etc. 

The marketing domain registration request form will do the following:

Marketing domains may be requested by completing the this online form.

Please note:  A sub domain such as "" is considered a marketing tool as well, and sometimes referred to as a marketing or vanity url (but not domain).

Marketing or Vanity URLs are requested through a service desk request by emailing  There is no additional cost associated with the sub domain; however, requests will still be evaluated according to availability and alignment with the university marketing strategy.

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