UCO Computer Standards/Purchasing Information

By partnering with Dell and Apple, the University of Central Oklahoma has negotiated special pricing for UCO-owned computer purchases, as well as non-UCO (personal) computer purchases.  Purchases of UCO computers must meet minimum hardware and software standards to be approved by the Office of Information Technology.

ALL Apple purchases must be made through the UCO Central Tech Store.

Minimum Computer Standards 

Recommended Dell Configurations 

To shop for UCO-approved Dell configurations, do the following:

  1. Visit the Tech Store Online: http://techstore.uco.edu.
  2. Sign in with your UCO username and password (the same used for UCONNECT).
  3. Once logged in, scroll down to the “University Purchase Orders.
  4. Click the “Enter Store” button under the DELL logo.

To receive a quote for the departmental purchase of Apple products, please contact the Central Tech Store at 405-974-3680 or email centraltechstore@uco.edu.

Telephone Equipment Purchases