CTS Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Purchases

  • University
    • How do I purchase Apple products for my department?
      • All purchases for Apple products must be made through the UCO Central Tech Store.  To make a purchase you will need to create a requisition for a purchase order payable to vendor: UCO Central Tech Store.
      • AppleCare is required for university-owned computers and tablets.
      • Need a quote?  Email your request to centraltechstore@uco.edu
    • Can I use my ProCard for Apple purchases at the UCO Central Tech Store
      • You can use your ProCard to purchase Apple accessories and peripherals.  However, Apple software, computers, iPads and iPods must be purchased with a UCO purchase order.
  • Personal
    • Can I order a custom Apple product through the UCO Central Tech Store?
      • Yes. Simply speak to a Central Tech Store Sales Specialist to customize a solution.

 Microsoft Purchases

  • University
    • Can I order Microsoft products that are not available under the Microsoft Campus Agreement?
      • Please contact the UCO Service Desk at 974-2255 or e-mail support@uco.edu to request Microsoft products not currently available under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.
    • How do I get Microsoft products available under the campus agreement installed on my work PC?
      • Please contact the UCO Service Desk at 974-2255 or e-mail support@uco.edu.
  • Personal
    • Can I download Microsoft products?
      • Current UCO Students can receive Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus at no cost. Click here to access the download and for more information.
      • Faculty/Staff can download UCO's Microsoft Office Home Use license from Microsoft for a nominal fee. To access the download, log in to the Central Tech Store Online and click on the Software Downloads section.

Adobe Purchases

  • University
    • How do I purchase Adobe products for my department or office?
      • The Office of Information Technology has negotiated a campus-wide license for Adobe Creative Cloud.  To request installation on UCO-owned computers, contact the UCO Service Desk at 974-2255 or email support@uco.edu.
  • Personal
    • Who can purchase Adobe products through the UCO Central Tech Store
      • Current UCO Students can purchase Adobe Creative Cloud in store.
      • Faculty/Staff can purchase at-home versions of Adobe Creative Cloud through the Central Tech Store Online
    • If I change my mind, can I return my software?
      • No. All sales are final. Purchases are non-refundable.
    • What is included in Adobe Creative Cloud?
      • Adobe Creative Cloud includes; Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Tools & Services, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Story Plus, and many other creative desktop applications. 

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