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To view the full training schedule or register for these and other training sessions, please visit the Learning Center.  Don't see a topic you are interested in?  Contact the TRC at 405.974.5595 or to discuss custom one-on-one or small group training & assistance options! 


Adobe Acrobat Pro – Creating and Sharing PDF Documents (2 hours)

By Request – Call the TRC to schedule a training session

Acrobat Pro allows you to create and share PDF documents. This session will provide an overview of how to use Acrobat Pro to easily create PDF documents from a variety of sources.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Creating Interactive Forms (2 hours)

By Request – Call the TRC to schedule a training session

This beginner-level session shows you how to take an existing MS Word document and turn it into an interactive PDF form using the Adobe Acrobat forms wizard. Have a Word document you want to change to a form? Bring it with you for this hands-on training session.

Adobe Photoshop (2 hours)

Amanda Keesee

This course is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop and to provide a brief overview of the most used tools including cropping/resizing, using layers and adding type. Participants will also learn some basic tips/tricks for touching up photos including the use of filters, working with colors and selection tools.

Adobe Illustrator (2 hours)

Amanda Keesee

During this session, participants will be introduced to the Adobe Illustrator program and the differences between Illustrator and Photoshop. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the pen tool and will create a logo from scratch as they learn about shapes, effects and layers.

Banner Navigation (30 minutes)

This class will provide a basic overview of how to navigate through the system and become familiar with the system’s terminology.

Cyber security (1 hour)

Meets the UCO annual requirement for Cyber Security Training. Also includes best practices for professional electronic communication.

MS Word 2010 - The Basics (1.5 hours)

This class will provide an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and edit your documents.  You will learn how to format documents, use themes and styles, insert graphics, and how to structure your document.

MS Word 2010 - Beyond the Basics (1.5 hours)

This class explores some of the more advanced ways that you can enhance your documents.  You will learn how to make your document interactive with check marks and disappearing text, use watermarks, protect your document, use mail merge, and create tables.

MS Excel 2010 - Basics (1.5 hours)

This class will provide an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and use your spreadsheets productively.  You will learn how to create and format a new spreadsheet, use AutoFill, perform basic math functions, and prepare your spreadsheet to print. 

MS Excel 2010 - Beyond the Basics (1.5 hours)

This course explores some of the more advanced ways that you can enhance your workbooks and data using the powerful customization features.  You will learn how to use advanced formulas, conditional formatting, creating charts, sort & filter, and pivot tables.

MS Outlook & Office 365 (1.5 hours)

In this course, you will learn features to help you manage your mailbox more efficiently.  You will explore how to use rules, features in Calendar, time-saving tips and much more.

MS PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced (1.5 hours)

This class is designed for those who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic presentations. You will explore the PowerPoint environment and create a presentation.

MS Publisher (1.5 hours)

In this course, we will learn how to create a newsletter to help us cover most of the techniques available in MS Publisher.  You will learn how to create text boxes, format, and navigate multi-page publications, using rulers and ruler guides and inserting headers and footers.


Broncho Blogs (1.5 hours)

Darren Denham

Broncho Blogs are a great way to share information online.  Once you have requested your Broncho Blog, attend this hands-on training session to help get you on your way.

Wiki Central (1.5 hours)

Darren Denham

Wiki Central is a great resource for course or department collaboration.  This session will demonstrate how Wiki Central can greatly facilitate communication and coordination of team projects.

Web Content Management System (WCMS) Essentials (2 hours)

Darren Denham

If you are tasked with creating, editing, or maintaining one of the many UCO website pages but don't know where to begin, this training session is for you. In this session you will learn how to navigate the Web Content Management System (WCMS), create and edit web pages on your site, copy and paste content, create links to other Web pages, upload and add files, add images, and publish your Website. Prior to attending this session, you must fill out and have your manager sign a printed copy of the WCMS Access Request Form. Submit the form electronically as soon before the training as possible, and bring the signed copy of the form with you to the training. Attendance at this session is required for enrollment into the WCMS Advanced training session.

Web Content Management System (WCMS) Advanced (2 hours)

Darren Denham

PREREQUISITE: Web Content Management Essentials. In this session, UCO Website contributors and editors learn advanced Web Content Management System functions, including how to create content blocks and lightboxes to enhance your Website pages, follow the UCO style guidelines, ensure web pages are Section 508 compliant, work with various website assets, reorder content, create email links and tables, embed videos, and much more.


6 Central Suggestions for Success! Series (1 hour)

Customizing Your Course in D2L – 6 Central Suggestions for Success!

Amanda Keesee

Tired of the same ‘ol thing? Join us as we explore the top ways to make your D2L course shell your own. Learn tips for rearranging your homepage, adding flare to your widgets, updating your content pages and more!

D2L Discussion Boards - 6 Central Suggestions for Success!

Amanda Keesee

Online Discussions can play a fundamental role in student learning as well as provide peer-to-peer interaction. Find out in this workshop tips for using the Discussion tool in Learn@UCO that will help you save time, engage students and effectively facilitate online discussions. Whether you already incorporate online discussions into your class or are interested in learning more about discussions, this workshop will be of interest.

D2L Dropbox - 6 Central Suggestions for Success!

Amanda Keesee

Think you know everything there is to know about the D2L dropbox? Come to this session to learn some of the tips and tricks the experts use to make the most out of every dropbox assignment.

D2L Gradebook - 6 Central Suggestions for Success!

Amanda Keesee

Stay on top of your course grades using these helpful tips and tricks. Learn about gradebook settings, linking grade items, automatic grading and more!

D2L Quizzes - 6 Central Suggestions for Success!

Amanda Keesee

Not sure about online quizzes/exams? Think they take too much time to create and manage? Come to this session to learn the D2L quizzes basics and how you can make the D2L quiz tool work for you! Explore automatic grading, alternate question types, using the question library, randomized questions and more!

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing (2 hours)

Amanda Keesee

This course will prepare you to create and moderate Adobe Connect rooms for web conferencing.  Adobe Connect web conferencing rooms can be accessed through the D2L Online Rooms tool or directly through Adobe Connect for non-course purposes.

Course Data Made Easy: Using D2L to Gain “Insights” into your course (1 Hour)

Amanda Keesee

Never be overwhelmed by data again! The D2L Insights tool provides quick, easy and useable information on a variety of data points for your classes and/or programs. Join this session to learn about the types of information you have access to today and how to create your own custom reports.

Creating Quick and Easy Instructional Videos (1 hour)

Kathryn Wullstein

Interested in supplementing your course with online materials?  Short, simple videos might just be the answer.  This session will introduce the technology and tools available to you to make it easy to get started.  Strategies for developing and distributing educational videos will also be discussed.

Enrich Your courses with UCO On Demand Video Streaming and D2L (1 hour)

Amanda Keesee

Videos are a great way to engage your students and catch their attention, especially in online or hybrid courses. But did you know that using videos is easier than ever with the UCO On Demand video streaming service at UCO? Come to this session to learn about UCO’s YouTube solution, how it can benefit you and your students and how to use the tool right from your D2L course.

Exploring the D2L ePortfolio Tool for Instructors (1.5 Hours)

Amanda Keesee

The D2L ePortfolio system allows D2L users to create electronic portfolios that can be shared both internally and externally, or even submitted to a course dropbox folder. Shared ePorfolio presentations can receive feedback through comments and/or rubrics. This session will provide an overview of developing and sharing ePortfolios in D2L, as well as discuss strategies for implementing the D2L ePortfolio tool in a course or program from an instructors perspective.

Learn@UCO (D2L) Foundations (2 hours)

Amanda Keesee

Learn@UCO plays a vital role in education here at UCO. The Desire2Learn learning management system makes up the core of the Learn@UCO system. During this session, participants will learn about the LMS here at UCO, the different tools and features available, and gain a quick overview on the most used tools within the system.

  • Topics:
  • Overview
  • Navigation
  • Add News items
  • Content Tool
    • Modules, Submodules and Adding Content
  • Setting Restrictions
  • Creating a dropbox assignment
  • Understanding the gradebook and it’s connection to the other tools
  • Creating discussion boards
  • Instructor view vs. student view
  • Edit course options

Learn@UCO (D2L) Grades (1.5 Hours)

Amanda Keesee

Come to this session to learn more about the D2L Gradebook including how to set up a gradebook (both weighted and points based), how to add categories and items, how to link and assess different activities within the D2L system and how to manage your gradebook. Participants are encouraged to bring a completed syllabus with grading details to use as a reference during this session.

Learn@UCO (D2L) Rubrics (1.5 Hours)

Amanda Keesee

Come to this course to learn about the Rubrics tool within Desire2Learn. Find out the difference between analytic and holistic rubrics, how to create and manage your rubrics within D2L, how to associate rubrics with various D2L activities and how to use the D2L Rubrics to assess student work.

Learn@UCO (D2L) Quizzes (1.5 hours)

Amanda Keesee

This course will cover the D2L Quizzes tool in detail including add/edit questions, question library, submission views and automatic grading. It is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of the Desire2Learn system or have completed the D2L Foundations course prior to attending. *All attendees should bring a word document containing a short quiz or exam to put into the D2L Quiz tool.

Managing and ASsessing Discussion Assignments in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 HOURS)

Kathryn Wullstein

Using Discussion assignments in D2L can provide students with the opportunity for reflection, peer engagement and knowledge sharing.  Different strategies for incorporating online discussions, including small group discussions and assessment techniques will be the focus of this session.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the Discussion settings, Discussion Forums and Topics, Gradebook setup, and Assessment options in D2L.

Managing and Grading Written Assignments in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 hours)

Amanda Keesee

This hands-on training session will cover the complete process to creating, managing and assessing written assignments within the Learn@UCO (D2L) system. Participants will learn about options within D2L specific to written assignments including dropbox settings, tying assignments to the gradebook, bulk uploading feedback, using for plagiarism detection both through D2L and the mobile app, GradeMark and D2L’s Assignment Grader. All parts of the assignment process will be handled digitally – reducing paper and instructor stress! Basic familiarity with D2L is suggested for participants interested in this session.

Preparing for a New Semester in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 hours)

Amanda Keesee

You spent all that time preparing your course and getting everything just right, why start all over? During this session you will learn how to copy materials between courses, quickly and easily adjust your course dates and how to switch out old files for new ones.  You will even learn some tips and tricks to making D2L match your teaching style such as creating and editing customized course homepages.

*Suggested materials to bring to training: (these are suggested materials but are not required for attending or completing the training session)

  • Updated Course Syllabus
  • Updated Course Schedule

SMART Board/Notebook (2 hours)

Amanda Keesee

Interactive whiteboards can be a great tool to promote active, engaged learning in the classroom. During this session, participants will learn how to use the SMARTboard interactive whiteboard and the SMART notebook software to prepare engaging and interactive class sessions.

Turning Technologies (Clickers) (1.5 hours)

Amanda Keesee

Using clickers and other polling software has been shown to greatly increase participation and engagement in a class session. During this session, participants will learn how to use the UCO supported clicker solution, Turning Technologies, as well as the steps required to implement Turning Technologies into their courses. In addition to being available at no cost to instructors, this clicker technology is not only a low-cost solution for students but it can also be quickly and easily integrated into the

Desire2Learn learning management system courses.

*Suggested materials to bring to training: (these are suggested materials but are not required for attending or completing the training session)

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • 2-3 sample quiz/polling questions

Uncovering the Secret Connection Between and D2L (1 Hour)

Amanda Keesee

Stop plagiarism in its tracks all while simplifying your assessment process! Find out how the integration in D2L can speed up feedback, automatically assess grammar/spelling and provide an easy way to grade assignments on the go. 

Qualtrics (2 Hours)

This session provides an introduction to using Qualtrics to create and manage online forms and surveys.

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