Turning Technologies Student Response System (Clickers)

A student response system, also known as clickers, is a great tool for supporting active learning in your classes.  Used effectively, clickers can increase engagement and deepen learning for all students.  A student response system allows an instructor to ask a question in class and instantly receive a response from every student.  The students' responses can then be displayed as a chart or other format.  In addition, instructors can generate a variety of reports on question responses.  Clicker-based questions can be used for fostering discussion or even for conducting quizzes and exams that are automatically graded.

**NEW** Turning Technologies has been upgraded for Fall 2016 making it much easier to manage and use the student response system. Learn more about the TurningPoint Cloud update on Turning Technologies' website or contact the Technology Resource Center for information on how this upgrade impacts UCO.**

Turning Point Cloud from Turning Technologies is the official and supported student response system solution at UCO.

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