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iTunes U

By utilizing Apple iTunes (an application many students already have) plus new technology now in place from OIT, faculty and staff have the power to make recorded lectures, seminars, and PDF documents available anytime, anyplace.

What does it offer?

Get Started

The first step in getting started with iTunes U is to request an account. Visit the iTunes U account request form.

Once you have an iTunes U @ UCO account you will be contacted with an opportunity to receive training.

Ready to view iTunes U @ UCO? Open iTunes U on your computer or mobile device.


Do I need an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad to use iTunes U?

All you need is a computer or other device (iPhone, etc.) running iTunes. No other equipment is required. You can download the free Apple iTunes software from Apple by following this link.

Is there an expense for using iTunes U @ UCO?

All public content from iTunes U @ UCO is available at no charge.

Get Training

Training is available through the Technology Resource Center. Please contact the Technology Resource Center for more information.

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