Desire2Learn Mobile Apps

Students and Instructors at the University of Central Oklahoma can work a little easier this semester with the support of two apps designed specifically to work with the Learn@UCO learning management system, Desire2Learn.

binder app logo


Binder allows students to “take charge” of their learning experience. This app is a powerful document reader that allows students to download and interact with PDF, Microsoft Office files, HTML and much more, right on their Apple iPad or Android device. Students can fetch documents from a variety of platforms including, SkyDrive and the Learn@UCO learning environment and open those documents right in the application allowing users to take study notes with ease. The app also includes the ability to prioritize and tag files for easy organization and searching. Once you are done with the document, you can send it back out again to your cloud storage. Click here to learn more about the Binder app

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Assignment Grader

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader helps make grading dropbox assignments easier for instructors. While online, instructors can download assignments submitted to the D2L dropbox to their Apple iPad and then go offline to grade, while still having access to rubrics, inline comments, and personalized feedback, both text and audio. Instructors can view a variety of different documents types straight in the app and once you are connected to the Internet again, synchronize with your Learn@UCO dropbox to upload grades/feedback and to download any new submissions. Click here for more information about Assignment Grader

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