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Learn@UCO is a suite of technologies that supports eLearning at Central.  The foundation of the Learn@UCO suite is Brightspace by D2L (otherwise known as D2L) Learning Environment, which is the University of Central Oklahoma's official Learning Management System (LMS). 

For training, assistance, or support in using these and other academic technologies, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 405.974.5595, trc@uco.edu, or visit Lillard Administration, Room 101.

Brightspace by D2L (D2L)

The D2L Learning Management System is the foundation of the Learn@UCO platform. All courses at UCO automatically receive a D2L course shell for faculty to use.

Features of D2L include:

  • Post course materials for students online (syllabi, presentations, web resources and more.)
  • Secure on-line quizzes and exams
  • Student grades in a secure accessible environment
  • Integrations with other UCO resources such as Turnitin.com and BlackBoard Collaborate.
  • Access from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Additional tools available in D2L include:

  • ePortfolio - An easy to use, powerful tool that allows both students and faculty to collect, reflect and share their Transformative Learning experiences at UCO.
  • Learning Object Repository (LOR) - Includes a searchable database of re-usable learning objects. The Learn@UCO LOR also features course materials from the MERLOT collection of Learning Materials.
  • Analytics - Allows for powerful reporting on areas within Learn@UCO for planning and gathering data on user performance and course materials.

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D2L Course Tools

Content - used to organize course materials, such as the syllabus, lecture notes, readings, etc.

Dropbox - enables you to submit assignments through the Learning Environment, eliminating the need to print, mail, fax, or email assignments.

Discussions – provides a collaboration area where you can post, read, and reply to messages on different topics, share thoughts about course materials, ask questions, share files, etc.

Quizzes – allows instructors to deliver online exams or quizzes, and optionally allow students to review quiz results and see class statistics for a quiz.

Rubrics - an assessment tool that can be linked directly to dropbox folders to evaluate students based on a predefined set of criteria. 

Classlist - use the Classlist to see who's enrolled in your course, check who's online and to send emails and pages.

Email - allows you to send email from within Learning Environment. You can also organize received mail using folders and store email addresses using the Address Book. Use the options located across the top of the Message List page to control how D2L-based Email will function along with your UCO Email.

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Getting Help with D2L

D2L Faculty Community

D2L faculty communityThe D2L Faculty Community site contains many training and support resources to help faculty with using D2L.  This includes the comprehensive D2L Self-Paced Training, which is a series of video tutorials that demonstrate and explain how to use D2L.  Faculty may access these tutorials anytime, anywhere!

To access the D2L Faculty Community site, login to D2L and click the Faculty Community button on the My Home screen, or click the D2L Help button in the upper-right corner of any screen.   

If you do not already have access to the Faculty Community site, you may need to self-register to gain access to the course site. Call the TRC at 405.974.5595 for assistance.

D2L In-Class Training

The following D2L training courses are conducted regularly by Technology Resource Center training staff.  To view the schedule for each course and to register, use the links below or browse the Instructor Led Training section of the Catalog in the Learning Center

Select the registration link and log in to the Learning Center using your UCONNECT credentials. Once logged in, expand the sessions list and then click [ENROLL] next to the session you would like to attend (see example). If you have any questions about enrolling for a session, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 405.974.5595 for assistance.

click on the + button to expand the options and then select enroll next to the session of your choice

**If a session you are interested in is not available or you cannot make the scheduled day/times, contact the Technology Resource Center to schedule a one-on-one training session.**

Learn@UCO (D2L) Foundations (2 hours)

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Learn@UCO plays a vital role in education here at UCO. The Desire2Learn learning management system makes up the core of the Learn@UCO system. During this session, participants will learn about the LMS here at UCO, the different tools and features available, and gain a quick overview on the most used tools within the system.

  • Topics:
  • Overview
  • Navigation
  • Add News items
  • Content Tool 
    • Modules, Sub-modules and Adding Content
  • Setting Restrictions
  • Creating a dropbox assignment
  • Understanding the gradebook and it’s connection to the other tools
  • Creating discussion boards
  • Instructor view vs. student view
  • Edit course options

Learn@UCO (D2L) Rubrics (1.5 Hours)

Come to this course to learn about the Rubrics tool within Desire2Learn. Find out the difference between analytic and holistic rubrics, how to create and manage your rubrics within D2L, how to associate rubrics with various D2L activities and how to use the D2L Rubrics to assess student work.

Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolios (1.5 Hours)

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The D2L ePortfolio system allows D2L users to create electronic portfolios that can be shared both internally and externally, or even submitted to a course dropbox folder. Shared ePorfolio presentations can receive feedback through comments and/or rubrics. This session will provide an overview of developing and sharing ePortfolios in D2L, as well as discuss strategies for implementing the D2L ePortfolio tool in a course or program. 

Learn@UCO (D2L) Assessment (2 hours)

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Assessment of student learning is a vital part of every course. There are technology tools available to help make this process quicker and easier. During this session, participants will learn about the Desire2Learn assessment tools that are currently available with specific focus on the D2L Dropbox, Rubrics and Gradebook.

*Suggested materials to bring to training: (these are suggested materials but are not required for attending or completing the training session)

  • Updated Course Syllabus with Grading Details
  • Word document of Rubric to use for an assignment
  • Instructions for a Dropbox assignment


  • Dropbox
  • Rubric
  • Grades
  • Quizzes

Learn@UCO (D2L) Grades (1.5 Hours)

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Come to this session to learn more about the D2L Gradebook including how to set up a gradebook (both weighted and points based), how to add categories and items, how to link and assess different activities within the D2L system and how to manage your gradebook.

Managing and Assessing Discussion Assignments in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 hours)

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Using Discussion assignments in D2L can provide students with the opportunity for reflection, peer engagement and knowledge sharing.  Different strategies for incorporating online discussions, including small group discussions and assessment techniques will be the focus of this session.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the Discussion settings, Discussion Forums and Topics, Gradebook setup, and Assessment options in D2L.

Managing and Grading Written Assignments in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 hours)

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This hands-on training session will cover the complete process to creating, managing and assessing written assignments within the Learn@UCO (D2L) system. Participants will learn about options within D2L specific to written assignments including dropbox settings, tying assignments to the gradebook, bulk uploading feedback, using Turnitin.com for plagiarism detection both through D2L and the mobile app, GradeMark and D2L’s Assignment Grader. All parts of the assignment process will be handled digitally – reducing paper and instructor stress! Basic familiarity with D2L is suggested for participants interested in this session.

Preparing for a New Semester in Learn@UCO (D2L) (1.5 hours)

You spent all that time preparing your course and getting everything just right, why start all over? During this session you will learn how to copy materials between courses, quickly and easily adjust your course dates and how to switch out old files for new ones.  You will even learn some tips and tricks to making D2L match your teaching style such as creating and editing customized course homepages.

 *Suggested materials to bring to training: (these are suggested materials but are not required for attending or completing the training session)

  • Updated Course Syllabus
  • Updated Course Schedule


  • Copying content
  • Manage dates
  • Change file (switching out syllabus)
  • HTML Files and Templates
  • Homepage/Widget customization

Fast and Easy Quiz Creation in Learn@UCO (D2L)   (1.5 hours)

Tired of creating quizzes or exams by typing or copy and pasting questions directly into D2L? Find out in this hands-on session how easy it is to create D2L Quizzes using the program Respondus.  Participants will have the opportunity to use Respondus to convert a quiz formatted in MSWord into a document that can be directly imported into D2L. Key features of the D2L Quiz tool will also be discussed including use of the Library and Quiz settings.

In-person, Phone, and Email Assistance

The Technology Resource Center provides training, assistance, and consulting for faculty in the use of D2L and other UCO-supported technologies.  Please contact TRC to schedule an appointment for individualized assistance or consulting.

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TRC Contact Information

trc@uco.edu | 405.974.5595 | ADM 101 | trc.uco.edu