Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of business software applications for Windows and Mac computers. Office includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and email communication programs that provide functionality which is commonly used in offices.

What does it offer? 

  • Word ProcessingWord is used for the processing functionality. It includes templates to design documents used routinely in office environments such as letters, mailing label formats and invoices. The documents can contain graphics, sounds and videos to create multimedia reports.
  • SpreadsheetsExcel is used to create spreadsheet solutions.  A spreadsheet is an electronic grid of rows and columns that can be used to enter, organize and calculate data.  Separate spreadsheets can be linked to consolidate data across categories such as time, function, or geographic region.  Templates for income statements, balance sheets and expense reports are featured within the program. The allow you to analyze and report on large amount so data quickly and easily.
  • Presentation GraphicsPowerPoint is used to create and deliver presentations that can include text, graphics, sound and video. The presentations can be delivered in a slide show format, emailed to other users for review or delivered remotely over the Internet. 
  • Email CommunicationsOutlook is used to create, send and receive email communications.  The program automates the linking and embedding of spreadsheets, documents and presentations composed by other programs within the Office software suite.
  • Other programs offeredAccess, Publisher and OneNote

Get Started

Microsoft Office is available to all UCO Faculty and Staff. 


Will Office be identical on a PC, a Mac, and a mobile device?

No, Office applications are tailored to work best on each platform and device.

Get Training

Training is available through the Technology Resource Center. Please visit the Learning Center for class schedules.

Additional training materials, provided by Microsoft, are available below.

Microsoft Office

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