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The Qualtrics Survey Suite is a powerful research tool available to all University of Central Oklahoma students, faculty and staff.

Hosted at, Central's site-license provides the university community access to a wide range of Qualtrics tools.

Qualtrics can be a useful resource for:

Note: The "File Uploads" feature is available upon request, please send a note to if this may be beneficial to you or your team.

Get Started

Use the link below to log in and/or create your account.  Always use the link below when you wish to log into Qualtrics.

Launch Qualtrics and login with your UCO Account.

If this is your first time using Qualtrics at UCO select "I don’t have a Qualtrics Account."

Research Involving Human Subjects

The UCO Institutional Research Board reviews all research involving human subjects conducted at or sponsored by the University of Central Oklahoma, including research activities (a) by any UCO faculty, staff, and students, (b) performed in UCO facilities, or (c) otherwise supported directly or indirectly by University resources or facilities which are under the control of UCO officials, except for UCO Institutional Research/Assessment activities. Any activities involving information gathering from human subjects must be reviewed by the UCO-IRB. To learn more, please contact The UCO Institutional Research Board.

When surveys are sent on behalf of the University of Central Oklahoma, the acceptable sent/reply-to email addresses to use is

Get Support from Qualtrics

Qualtrics offers live tech support for the Central campus. Contact them at:

Call: 800-340-9194

The Qualtrics Survey Suite has transformed into the Qualtrics Insight Platform. Learn more about the update.

Training and Resources

Training is available through the Technology Resource Center. Click here to view sessions and register.

Additional training materials, provided by, are available at the links below.

Qualtrics Customer Support


Qualtrics Overview

Qualtrics Overview Webinars

Qualtrics Support Site


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