Respondus allows you to easily create exams that can be loaded into a Learn @ UCO course, or printed. It also lets you take exam test banks that are already in a Learn @ UCO course, or exam test banks provided with a textbook and load them into Respondus. Additional resources may be found in the Respondus User Guides and Respondus Demo Movies.


StudyMate allows you to engage students with content in your Blackboard Learn @ UCO.  StudyMate provides ten different flash-based learning activity templates that can be customized for your course. These activities can then be uploaded to a Learn @ UCO course, or used on any web site. StudyMate even allows you to import questions from your Respondus exam files, and then create activities and games based on those questions.

Get Started

Our institution has a campus-wide license of both Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate. Faculty may download the Respondus and StudyMate programs from within the UCO Tech Store. They are available under the software area, on the Software for Download tab.

     UCO Tech Store

Respondus Test Bank Network

In conjunction with our institutional Respondus and StudyMate licensing, faculty can search the Respondus Test Bank Network and request publisher test banks for the textbooks they have adopted for their courses. Over 25 publishers participate in the Respondus Test Bank Network. The test banks are free and are already formatted for use with Respondus and StudyMate. This format of the test banks can save hours of prep time creating exams and learning activities for your courses.

Getting Started with the Respondus Test Bank Network

  1. Visit to watch an introductory video (StudyMate Author users: visit for screenshots specific to that application).
  2. Search for your test bank at
  3. Submit the online request form to receive the access code from the publisher within five business days.
  4. Register the test bank directly within your Respondus and StudyMate applications.

Get Training

Training is available through the Technology Resource Center. Please visit the Learning Center for class schedules.

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