Q: What is my UCONNECT user name?

A: Your UCONNECT user name is generally your first initial and last name and may be followed by a sequence of numbers. If you know your UCO ID number or your online Admission Application ID, you may look up your user name at

Example: If your name is Buddy Broncho then your User ID would be bbroncho. If there is more than one person with the same first initial and last name then the system will automatically generate a number after your last name for example bbroncho23.

Q: How do I get assistance if I am unable to login to UCONNECT?

A: On-line support is found in these Frequently Asked Questions or you may contact the Technology Support office at (405) 974-CALL (405-974-2255) or by e-mail to You may also get login assistance from a lab technician at one of the Information Technology Microcomputer Labs on campus. You will need to provide photo identification for assistance in the labs. 

Q: Why does my UCONNECT session keep timing out?

A: There is an automatic timeout in UCONNECT for students. The timeout occurs when there has been no activity for 30 minutes.

Q: How do I change my password when logged into UCONNECT?

A:To change your UCO password once logged into UCONNECT, select the Personal Information page, then location the Password Change portlet and follow the instructions listed.

Your UCO password may be at least eight (8) and up to twenty (12) characters in length and contain both letters and numbers. Learn more about strong UCO passwords. For help on password creation, do's, don'ts, and tips, visit the Passwords page within our Cyber Security subsite.