Meet University Communications Staff Members

We're proud of our diverse, accomplished staff, and look for any excuse to shine the spotlight on them! By clicking on their names, a spotlight of their position and role will highlight their accomplishments here at Central.

Charlie Johnson, Vice President for University Communications, 405-974-2315


Beth Buesing, Business Manager, 405-974-2101

Communications and Marketing

Adrienne Nobles, Assistant Vice President for University Communications, 405-974-2103

Sarah Neese, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, 405-974-2121

Graphic Design

Craig Beuchaw, Art Director, 405-974-2104

Brian Alexander, Graphic Designer, 405-974-2105

Photo Services

Dan Smith, Director of Photographic Services, 405-974-2305

Lauren Hamilton, Photographer, 405-974-2305

K.T. King, Photographer, 405-974-2305


Gypsy Hogan, Publications Editor, 405-974-2106

Video Services

Sam Ferguson, Videographer, 405-974-2124