Campus Health Report

UCO Healthy Campus has established a systematic plan and process to meet internal and external accountability expectations with regard to programs and services; as well as student learning and development outcomes. UCO Healthy Campus conducts regular assessment and evaluations that include qualitative and quantitative methodologies as appropriate to determine whether and to what degree the stated mission, goals, and student learning and development outcomes are being met.

UCO Healthy Campus Work Plan

The UCO Healthy Campus Work Plan outlines the steps for assessing, impacting and measuring progress toward student health status as well as student learning and development. Priority health and organizational areas for 2014-2016 at UCO include: Physical Activity & Nutrition, Sexual Health, Sexual Assault, Mental Health & Well-Being, Environmental Health and Mission Integration (Transformative Learning).  The work plan provides a framework of activities executed through the Healthy Campus Leadership Team and key health and wellness departments on campus. 

2014-2016 Healthy Campus Work Plan

The new 2016-2018 Healthy Campus Work Plan will be available in Fall 2016. For questions, please contact Brittney Criswell at or 974-2320.

Campus Health Assessment & Data Collection

The American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment is a population based assessment of student health status and needs. The assessment tool provides standardized measures with published reliability and validity data. In addition, the NCHA provides data from questions that inquire into the connection between health status and academic progress.

2014 ACHA National College Health Assessment Executive Summary for UCO (pdf)

2016 ACHA National College Health Assessment Executive Summary for UCO (pdf)

For more information on campus health reports and the UCO Healthy Campus Work Plan, contact Brittney Criswell or 405-974-2320.

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