Peer Health Leaders

What is Peer Education?

Peer Education is designed to facilitate the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyles in UCO students. To meet this goal, the program seeks to make students aware of the issues associated with unhealthy behaviors through education and up-to-date information, as well as life skills training to assist students in making healthy lifestyle choices.

The philosophy is that students can play a unique and effective role in encouraging their peers to consider, talk honestly about, seek professional advice, and develop responsible habits and attitudes toward alcohol, tobacco, diet and exercise, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, eating disorders, stress management and other related health issues.


Who are Peer Health Leaders?

Peer Health Leaders are students who combine their specialized training in health education and wellness with a desire to make a difference on campus. Peer Health Leaders are responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders that provide workshops, facilitate discussions, and sponsor campus events.



The Peer Health Leadership program promotes Leadership by utilizing students to provide health and wellness education. Students involved in UCO Peer Health Leadership acquire skills in program planning and development, public speaking and personal communication, as well as increased knowledge in health and wellness.


For more information about the UCO Peer Health Leadership Program contact Alex Russell at 974-3407 or

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