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Peer Health Leader Programs

To encourage optimal health and wellness, UCO Peer Health Leaders provide creative and interactive programs tailored to fulfill the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of students, staff, and faculty. The programs are perfect for class lectures, dorm presentations or Greek events. The presentations range in duration from 20 minutes to an hour yet can be tailored to fit most any time schedule. To book a presentation, please visit

Topics & Campaigns

Peer Health Leaders work with a wide variety of health topics and campaigns on campus such as: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sexual Health, Stress Management, Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, Men's Health, Women's Health, Healthy Relationships, and Body Image.


Supermarket Smarts

Shopping for healthy food can be a tricky task in today's supermarkets. The Supermarket Smarts program teaches participants how to be supermarket savvy by providing education on the recommended food groups, food labels, and how to shop for the healthiest food in the market.

Recent participants of the Supermarket Smarts program said:

"The tour was great. I really enjoyed it and I hope to apply this information in my life. I would definitely recommend this tour to anybody."

"I enjoyed the tour. I eat food everyday but I never look up the nutrition facts the food contains. After the grocery tour, I became conscious of my nutrition and have started to shop smart."


The Campus Cook

The Campus Cook program teaches students how to create tasty and nutritious meals on a college student's budget. Participants will learn how to prepare meals that will fuel them for their busy lives, and keep them healthy too!

Interested in the Campus Cook's recipes? Check out the Campus Cook Book!


The Dorm Room Workout

Want to work out but don't want to go to the gym? Problem solved! The Dorm Room Workout offers you the flexibility of getting in shape without ever having to leave your space. Students will engage in a comprehensive workout that focuses on cardio, strength training, and flexibility--everything you need to get fit and feel great.


College Survival Guide 

College students are typically categorized as busy...all the time! Between classes, work, and everyday life, things can get pretty hectic. That's why the Peer Health Leaders have created a blog dedicated to helping all students--new or seasoned--survive the adventure we call college.

For more information contact the Assistant Director for Health Promotion and Outreach Alex Russell at 974-3407 or

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