Fitness Testing

The UCO Wellness Center provides fitness assessment for students, employee and community utilizing state of the art Polar BODYAGE® software.  The personalized assessment and detailed workout plan costs $59 and is conducted by certified personal fitness trainers.  An appointment is required.

UCO students, employees and community members are eligible to receive one FREE Polar BODYAGE® assessment per calendar year. The modified assessment is conducted by Wellness Center student employees majoring in exercise science. An appointment is required.


BODYAGE® marks a revolution in training, giving a fitness assessment base on the body's vital statistics.  Everyone using the BODYAGE® gets a completely unique and thorough assessment of their physical body age. After entering some basic information about the personal training client, the following tests take place; 


Body composition determines lean body weight and fat percentage by stepping on the highly accurate scale. Polar Fitness Test predicts maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) which is commonly used to determine cardiovascular fitness. Blood pressure has more emphasis than the other tests in the fitness assessment, because high blood pressure is a major health risk. Strength test consists of e.g. bicep curl, crunches and wall sit to give a complete understanding of muscular strength. Flexibility registers how far forward a person can reach to establish their body flexibility.


The BODYAGE ® creates an overview of your fitness and gives a complete report with every necessary physiological element. The personal trainer and client will go through this report together and create a personal training program to lower the body age. Additional strength training extension or Polar Cardio Coaching will help in crafting the training program, depending on the client's personal objectives.


After a few weeks of training, the client comes back to download their training files from a Polar training computer into the BODYAGE® . In this reassessment, the club member gets a progress report and additional instructions for continuing the training for another body age test. This keeps the client motivated.

For more information on Wellness Center personal training, contact Johnny Watley or 974-3155.

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