Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a group to come to the ULEAD Challenge Course?
  • You can call or email us by using the contact information below to schedule your group today!

  • How much does it cost to participate on the Challenge Course? 
  • We have very competitive rates.
  • Rates are based on the number of participants in the group and the program selected.

  • Where is the ULEAD Challenge Course located? 
  • Our course is located off of campus at Danforth and Midwest Boulevard.
  • Map and directions are available here.

  • Who can participate on the ULEAD Challenge Course?

The course is open to all types of groups and organizations.

  • UCO community
  • churches
  • companies
  • schools (middle schools, high schools and universities)
  • sports groups
  • families
  • birthday parties

  • Are there forms or waivers I need to fill out? Where are they located?
  • Yes, there are waivers that must be signed in order to participate on the course.
  • You can find the forms necessary here.

  • When is the course open?
  • The ULEAD Challenge Course is open year round, 7 days a week, with the weather permitting.
  • We are closed on all National Holidays.

  • Do I have to take a safety class to be able to climb? Is there a cost?
  • Yes, there is a one time only safety class that is mandatory. The cost for the class is $5.00.
Can I climb with my own harness and other equipment?
  • We require that all climbers use the UCO harnesses and other equipment that is provided. You are allowed to use your own climbing shoes or there are climbing shoes available free of charge.
Do students, faculty or staff have to pay to climb?
  • You pay for the safety class ($5.00), then it is free to all current UCO students, faculty and staff with an ID.
Do I need to schedule a safety class or can I just show up?
  • You can set up a time if needed, but most climbers just come and take the class during regular operational hours.

    • For more information contact Becka Johnson - Manager of Outdoor Recreation at 974-3143 or

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