UCO Competitive Sport Clubs


The Competitive Sport Clubs Program consists of recognized student organizations that are established to promote and develop common sport and/or recreation related activity.  The term "Competitive" refers to clubs/teams whom compete against outside UCO collegiate and non-collegiate club teams.


A Sport Club is defined as a registered student organization that exists to promote and develop interest in a particular sport.  Sports Clubs are strictly voluntary and are founded, organized, managed, and maintained by volunteer student leaders and may vary in focus and programming.  Club members are actively involved in the leadership and decision making process of club activities.  Involvement in a Sport Club enhances the student’s college experience and contributes to the student’s overall education.  Clubs accepted into the Sport Club Program require supervision by a Faculty/Staff Advisor.


The Sport Club Program is logistically managed by the Recreation Services department in the UCO Wellness Center but emphasis is on student leadership to initiate, organize, and conduct their respective involvement and participation. 

All Sport Clubs must be competitive in nature and not just recreational.  Competitive implies that the individuals and teams compete against external universities and clubs.  All clubs must be affiliated with a regional/national governing body.


The Sport Club Council (SCC) is subordinate to University of Central Oklahoma Student Association (UCOSA) and serves as an umbrella organization for all active and/or provisional competitive Sport Clubs. The SCC facilitates the operations, management, funding, and logistics of UCO’s competitive Sport Clubs program. The SCC consists of the Chief officer from each of the represented competitive sport club programs.

For more information please contact sportclubs@uco.edu.

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