About Powerlifting

Powerlifting is the bench press, which is the ultimate test of upper body strength. Competitors must lower the bar to the chest, hold it motionless on the chest and then press it upwards to arms length with locked elbows. The bench press is the only discipline with 10 different categories based on body weight.

The competition is open to all athletes with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, amputees (lower limb amputees only) and others who meet the minimal disability criteria. Athletes must be able to grip the bar with thumb and fingers and be able to extend their arms at the same time.

Basic Paralympic Powerlifting Rules

Powerlifting Standards

Powerlifting Coach Qualifications

2013-2016 IPC Powerlifting Rules and Regulations

Paralympic Powerlifting Athlete (Coach and Team Leader) Selection Procedures 

Event Schedule

Oct. 11 -- 2014 USA Para Powerlifting Competition – University of Central Oklahoma

2012 IPC Powerlifting USA Championships

How a meet works

There are 2 hours between weigh-in and when lifting starts, but you need to come prepared to wait during this time.

·         Weigh In’s

·         Equipment Check

·         Rack Height (Important so the bar is lifted off in the right position)

·         Give opening attempt

·         Get ready for competition

·         Get in singlet

·         Eat Something

·         Get focused for the meet

·         Warm Up

·         Lifting is done in a round system with flights of 6-10 people

·         Medals are given based on Male/Female and body weight class

·         If a tie, the lighter person wins

Equipment for Powerlifting?

·         Singlet

·         100% cotton plain t-shirt

·         Wrist wraps (if needed)

·         Belt (if needed)

·         IPC Passport (if classified)

·         *NO gloves or head gear allowed*

What are the steps to take to make a Paralympic Powerlifting Team?

·         Start lifting weights

·         Train on the Bench Press

·         Go to a local or national meet

·         Go to a training camp

·         Get IPC Classified

·         Get IPC Licensing

·         Lift at an IPC Powerlifting Meet

·         Lift the IPC minimum standards

·         Make a international team

·         Lift at both World Championships and the Pan American Games

·         Females need to be at the top 6 without repeating countries and males need to be in the top 12 without repeating countries.

·         Receive an invitation from US Paralympics 

Click here for instructions on how to change an able-bodied bench to a nonsanctioned para bench.

Training Clinic Scedule

Training clinics: Military trainings (Open to Military and with special permission civilians) 

Feb. 17 - 18 (at UCO) 
June 4 - 5 (at UCO)

Athlete Selection Procedures 2015

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