Why Tobacco Free?

"Eliminates tobacco litter on campus!"

Blaire, Mass Communications & Public Relations Major


Tobacco-Free Policy FAQs

When did UCO go tobacco-free?

What does the UCO tobacco-free policy prohibit?

Why did UCO go tobacco-free?

How will students, employees, visitors and the community know about the Tobacco Free policy?

Isn't smoking a legal right?

Are you trying to dictate people's lifestyle choices?

Does the UCO Tobacco Free Campus Policy apply to chewing tobacco and other forms of tobacco?

Are UCO students, employees and visitors to campus prohibited from bringing tobacco products on campus?

Who does the tobacco-free policy apply to?

What about students and employees located in off-campus buildings?

What areas of campus does the tobacco-free policy cover?

Are there any designated smoking areas on campus for students, visitors, faculty and staff to use?

What about smoking and/or tobacco use on sidewalks on and around campus?

Can people smoke or use tobacco in personal vehicles while on campus?

What will UCO do about people leaving the campus or going across the street or into neighboring properties to smoke?

How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?

What will happen to employees, students and visitors who do not comply with the tobacco-free policy?

How do you file a complaint on a student, employee, or visitor whom you have seen using tobacco products on campus?

What campus resources are available for UCO students and employees who wish to stop using tobacco products?

What other community resources are available?

Has there been an impact on enrollment as a result of UCO's tobacco-free policy?