Why Tobacco Free?

"Eliminates tobacco litter on campus!"

Blaire, Mass Communications & Public Relations Major


Tobacco-Free Promotional Toolkit

These materials are provided for UCO student, faculty and staff use in campus publications, buildings and other promotional materials. In order to maintain visual consistency, we ask that you abide by UCO University Relations guidelines and do not alter these resources in any way.

Download the Tobacco-Free logo:

Click the logo to open it in a new window, then right-click the logo and choose "save picture as" to save it to your computer.





Download the Tobacco-Free PromoCards:

PromoCards are available in two sizes - business card (2x3.5 inches) and flyer (3.5x8.5 inches).
Click the link to open the PromoCard in a new window, then save the PromoCard to your computer.


Business Card - 182KB - 300 DPI - PDF

Flyer - 695KB - 300 DPI - PDF


Business Card - 180KB - 300 DPI - PDF

Flyer - 354KB - 300 DPI - PDF