21st Century Pedagogy Institute

The 21st Century Pedagogy Institute (21CPI) presents UCO faculty numerous opportunities to improve their teaching. The offerings align with UCO's Academic Vision of being a learning-centered organization with a focus on teaching first. CETTL brings these ideas to fruition through the 21CPI. The 21CPI consists of seven Faculty Learning Outcomes (FLOs) (listed below) emerging from contemporary educational research on teaching and learning. Several events have been developed to achieve these FLOs. By achieving these FLOs, faculty have the opportunity to earn recognition at various levels as a Teacher-Scholar. Recognition is celebrated each April by President Betz and Provost Barthell at the Champagne & Chocolate Gala. The 2017/18 Academic Year 21CPI begins with STLR events in May 2017 and concludes March 30, 2018. See instructions below.

You may participate in any 21CPI event without participating in the 21CPI program. However, if you want to be recognized for your achievement as a teacher-scholar by participating in the 21CPI program, you must REGISTER HERE. You must also register for each event you wish to attend whether you participate in the 21CPI program or not. Event details, dates, and registrations can be located on the CETTL Events and Learning Opportunities page.

7 Faculty Learning Outcomes (FLOs)


Reframe and strengthen teaching from a student- or learning-centered paradigm


Re-designing an assignment or class activity grounded in evidence-based research, supporting student engagement or improved learning


Model awareness and non-judgmental approaches in teaching and learning on differences in the areas of cultural, socio-economic status, gender, sexuality, and other areas of self-identification


Improve an aspect of work-life balance in health and wellness, mental health, or spiritual well-being by personally adopting at least one change


Improve the classroom by trying at least one new instructional strategy that expands your classroom management


Measure student transformative learning in one or more of the Central Six Tenets resulting from students' intentional learning experience


Create, evaluate, or participate in a SoTL project during one academic year as evidenced by a research design, evaluative report, or critical reflection


21CPI graduates will be recognized for their achievement by President Betz and Provost Barthell at the annual Champagne & Chocolate Gala in April.

2018 Most Distinguished Teacher-Scholar (Highest Level)
Complete all 7 FLOs at Integration (I) level
Complete training in peer review of teaching
Observe & peer review one colleague's classroom
Have one class observed by a trained peer reviewer

2018 Distinguished Teacher-Scholar (Second Highest Level)
Complete 5 separate FLOs at Integration (I) level
Complete minimum of 2 separate FLOs at Exposure (E) level

2018 Teacher-Scholars (Third Highest Level)
Complete 3 separate FLOS at Integration (I) level
Complete minimum of 3 separate FLOS at Exposure (E) level

New Teacher-Scholars (For New Faculty Only)
Faculty in this group are new (full time) faculty members who have participated in 3 out of the 4 New Faculty Modules as listed in the 21CPI schedule