Graduate Catalog and Degree Sheets

Undergraduate Catalog - 2019-2020

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About the University (PDF)
The People of UCO (PDF)
UCO Admissions Information (PDF)
General Degree Information (PDF)
Services to Support Student Success (PDF)
Degree Programs (PDF) 
University Core (PDF)

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning/Scientific Method
  • Critical Inquiry and Aesthetic Analysis
  • American Historical and Political Analysis
  • Cultural and Language Analysis
  • Social and Behavioral Analysis
  • Life Skills

Official Major/Minor Requirements by College
College of Business
College of Education and Professional Studies
College of Fine Arts and Design
College of Liberal Arts
College of Mathematics and Science


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  • College of Education and Professional Studies (PDF)
  •    Majors
    • Career, Technical and Workforce Development - Family & Consumer Sciences, (B.S.)
    • Career, Technical and Workforce Development - Trade & Industrial, (B.S.)
    • Career, Technical and Workforce Development - Workforce Development (B.S.)
    • Community/Public Health, (B.S.)
    • Early Childhood Education, (B.S.Ed.)
    • Elementary Education, (B.S.Ed.)
    • Family Life Education - Child Development, (B.S.)
    • Family Life Education - Gerontology, (B.S.)
    • Family Life Education - Marriage and Family, (B.S.)
    • Fashion Marketing, (B.S.)
    • General Studies, (B.S.)
    • Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management, (B.S.)
    • Kinesiology - Outdoor and Community Recreation, (B.S.)
    • Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management, (B.S.)
    • Occupational Safety, (B.S.)
    • Organizational Leadership, (B.S.)
    • Physical Education/Health, (B.S.Ed.)
    • Psychology, (B.A.)
    • Special Education - Mild-Moderate Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)
    • Special Education - Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)
    • Speech-Language Pathology, (B.S.)
    • Minors

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  • Interdisciplinary Studies (PDF)
    • Forensic Science, (B.S.)
    • Forensic Science - Chemistry, (B.S.)
    • Forensic Science - Digital Forensics, (B.S.)
    • Forensic Science - Molecular Biology, (B.S.)

List of Minors (PDF)
Course Descriptions (PDF)

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