Facilities Management Building

Lost & Found


Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM
Located in the Facilities Management Building
(Campus North End, West of the Baseball Field)


 Lost/Found Personal Property Services

  • The Surplus Office at Facilities Management effectively manages lost, misplaced, or discarded items.  Each item is logged and returned to its rightful owner or if not claimed after 30 days, the Physical Plant will handle its appropriate and lawful disposal.  A "Finder's Claim" can also be filled at the time that an item is turned over to our Surplus Office (Check UCO's Lost and Found Policy for details).
  • Items lost, misplaced, or discarded on campus property should be brought without delay to our Surplus Office. (Check UCO's Lost and Found Policy for proper response time guidelines).
  • Exceptions to this are weapons, items of contraband such as illegal substances, or items that may be related to crime (including items believed to be stolen), which should be brought immediately to the attention of the University Police.