Facilities Management Building


Campus Mail Services

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 4 PM

Incoming Mail

  • USPS mail will be delivered each morning to all departments.  Delivery times may vary between the hours of 9am and 12pm.
  • FedEx Ground and FedEx Express packages will be delivered with the morning mail run; UPS packages will be delivered each afternoon.  Please visit Inventory and Receiving for more information regarding package delivery and pickup.

Outgoing Mail

  • Effective July 1, 2016, all outgoing mail requiring postage must be accompanied by an OUTGOING MAIL PERMIT.   Additional permits can be acquired from RK Black located in Room 146 of the Nigh University Center. Download the PDF version of the Outgoing Mail Permit Here.
  • Outbound mail (except bulk business mail) will be collected on morning mail runs.  All mail collected at this time will be metered and delivered to USPS on the same day.
  • Departments with outbound mail needing to be processed after the morning mail run can personally deliver to RK Black at NUC 146 with a completed Outgoing Mail Permit.  
  • Contact RK Black mailroom at 405-974-2732 for all inquiries regarding sorting requirement and bulk mailings.

Interoffice Mail

  • All interoffice mail (department to department mail) collected on mail runs will be delivered to the appropriate campus address the following business day.
  • Please be sure that any previous addresses have been marked out to avoid delivery errors.
  • Include the following on all interoffice mail envelopes:
    • First and Last Name of the Addressee
    • Department Name
    • Campus Box Number (found in the Campus Directory
  • Standard envelopes can be used for interoffice mail if:
    • Envelopes are properly addressed as stated above
    • Envelopes are clearly identified as interoffice mail and separated from USPS mail.
  • Additional interoffice mail envelopes can be purchased from RK Black, NUC 146.
  • When sending mailings to the entire campus, please bind all like box numbers together. This will assist in a speedy and accurate distribution of your mail.