Facilities Management Building

Physical Plant Departments



The Carpentry department assists in the maintenance of UCO's buildings and grounds.  The following is a sample of tasks that are regularly assigned to the department:

  • Small repairs to cement, brick and other building veneers
  • Repairs to fences and outside walls
  • Doors and windows maintenance assistance
  • Ceilings installation and maintenance
  • Assisting in maintaining the sports fields
  • Repairs to some Furnishings

Custodial - WFF

Customer Service Report


The Electrical department is responsible for maintaining:

  • Lighting and power sources in E&G buildings   
  • Lighting and power sources in Non E&G buildings when needed
  • Installing new and additional electrical work, remodeling, etc
  • Marking underground electrical lines on campus for OKIE
  • Responding to elevator shutdowns, fire/safety, and clock systems
  • Performing electrical connections for special events
  • Maintaining campus parking lots and sidewalk lighting
  • Responding to campus power outages and assisting the electrical utility company when necessary


The HVAC department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a variety of heating and air conditioning systems throughout campus, including chillers, boilers, fan coil units, unit heaters and window units
  • Maintaining building exhaust systems throughout campus, excluding smoke purge
  • Responding to calls relating to heating and air conditioning

Landscaping & Grounds

The Landscape Maintenance department is responsible for:

  • UCO's gardens 
  • Snow and ice removal (Snow Removal Map)
  • Placing campus banners
  • All turf maintenance
  • Maintenance and oversight of the sport fields

Motor Pool

In our continuing commitment to be a "green campus", Facilities Management has reduced our fleet and as a result no longer has vehicles to loan.  We will continue to have a limited number of golf carts available on a first come, first serve basis.  Golf carts can only be used by UCO faculty/staff and may be reserved by submitting a service request.

     Check-Out Procedure: Golf Cart
     Driver's License Policy

     Fuel Control Access Key Form


The Motor Pool department provides maintenance support for the service and repair of the following machinery and equipment on campus:

  • All licensed road vehicles including heavy trucks, buses and vans
  • All non-licensed heavy and light off-road diesel and electric equipment including backhoes, tractors, forklifts, mowers and golf carts
  • Designated University emergency generator units, compressors, and welders, stationary and mobile
  • Small gas and electrical equipment including generators, pressure washers, chain saws as well as lifting equipment

Additionally, the Motor Pool also operates and maintains a fuel site for University owned vehicles and submits required monthly maintenance reports to the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services.


The Paint department is responsible for:

  • Painting walls, floors, ceilings, handrails, door jambs and fire lanes  
  • Repairing damages to sheetrock and plaster
  • Striping the baseball, soccer and football fields
  • Refinishing and staining selected items
  • Inspecting campus buildings for damages and scuffed walls

     Paint Policy



The Plumbing department is responsible for:

  • Sewer Services - Unclog and repair piping and fixtures
  • Natural Gas - Repair and maintain piping
  • Domestic Water - Repair or replace piping, sinks, faucets, backflow devices, hot water heaters, circulating pumps, hydrants and drinking fountains
  • Storm Water - Maintain, repair, or replace piping, drains, and sump pumps
  • Irrigation - Maintain and repair piping, rotors, sprays, micro, zones and controls
  • Welding - Repair mild steels, aluminum, stainless steel and cast

Recycling & Setup

The Recycling & Setup department is responsible for:


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