UCO Sustainability invites you to join college and university students as well as community members from across Oklahoma for the Oklahoma Student Sustainability Summit on April 3rd, 2019. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Real Food Sourcing on Campus
  • Careers in Sustainability
  • Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability and Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Justice
  • Increasing Student Engagement and Buy-In

We at the University of Central Oklahoma see this movement gaining momentum on our campus, and across the state’s other institutions. We think it is important to harness this momentum. We have recognized the potential for a more powerful regional alliance to form in this state, and hope that this summit will foster such an alliance. Our hope is that students will leave the summit better equipped, inspired, and encouraged to become sustainability change makers, able to unite the higher ed community with our cities and fortify connections to progress in solidarity.   

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